Refuah Shlema

I million people dead from Covid.
The twice impeached, disgraced ex- President banking on Elon Musk to let him out of twitter jail.
A 50 year standing Law for women to make decisions about their well being – about to be overturned- you aren’t serious?
My body. My choice.
The economy reeling out of control as a result of the groundwork laid by the twice impeached, disgraced ex-president.
The Russo Ukrainian War with a Hitleresque despot at the helm spinning out of control.
Interest rates at an all time high.

And yet —the daily complaints about the new striped hammock that you ordered to be overnighted came in with the wrong colored stripes.
Or you could only get a 5:30 or 9:00 reservation at the new Italian restaurant in Chelsea.
How bout the diamond stud earrings you wanted to give to your daughter won’t be ready for her Sweet 16.
And oh, wait- the 75 inch television you wanted for the newly renovated family room can’t be mounted flat on the wall. Really?
So you get to the window of Music Man and learn that Hugh Jackman isn’t in it that night- now what?
So one day at a time, as fires are being put out in our daily lives, we flip it and decide not to complain that Zabars sold out of their chocolate babka and that the privilege of choosing a different dessert is just that! Shabbat Shalom.

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