The first night of Pesach on the ere of the full moon.

(Each month’s full moon has a popular nickname, and the pink moon is on April 16, 2022. NASA says the moon will reach its peak fullness at 2:55 p.m. EDT Saturday afternoon — before the sky gets dark enough for us to see.)

We added some lip gloss, a new pair of shoes and we focused on how the matzoh balls would taste on the ride over. We sat with our family and the evening played out beautifully. The blue hagadah’s familiarity brought back memories of our childhood sedars and the feeling of peace took over. We prayed over the shabbos candles and the evening unfolded.

 The service explaining the holiday of the liberation from slavery in Egypt and the “passing over” of the forces of destruction began. The eve of the Exodus on the ere of a full moon helped us feel liberated from our stress plus.

The kids wore the four question puppets on their fingers and danced and played with children from the families of strangers/like family at the next table. A veritable mouthful, the synopsis of the evening- not on the cutting floor. Our nieces smile, Roberta being the grandma, schepping nachas from the kinda-and another glass of wine or two, I’m not counting, are you? Yup, this year no masks, not in Jerusalem, but exactly the right place at the right time- alas, serendipity. Panaceas come wrapped in all different packages. Sometimes in the grab bag of life you pick the box with the Burberry sandals and call it a win/win. We wish this on everbody. BH!

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