Mah Jongg Not Just Our Mother‘s Game!

Hail mah jongg long haulers.
The game is here to stay.
From New York to Florida,
They can’t keep away.

The tables are plenty.

 The snacks such a treat.

Sit down, mix the tiles while adjusting your seat.

While Jokers run wild,
And Flowers often dear,
Quints and Concealed hands,
Make winning quite rare.
Leave your worries on the doorstep,
As you enter the room.
That has the sign hanging-
“No Doom, No Gloom.
We talk over each other,

Therapeutic indeed.
Gossip -as part of the day to succeed.
Making the hands and rolling the dice.
Nothing is naughty it Always feels nice.
As the day comes to closing,
And we say our good-byes.
We always remember to keep our eye on the prize.

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