The Muse Descends!

The Muse Descends!

And just like that Father Time swoops in and says you know that Plan B, and second choice not from column A – we’re there. As Father time always wins, at first we are obedient as the advantages of medicare, metro card savings on each ride, and Tuesday two for one at CVS and Shop-Rite are certainly appealing. Although aging body parts are not optional our mentation, get up and go attitudes certainly can be. So, as the Muse Descends (oh hello Cousin Joyce) we listen to the percussion as we turn the beat around (Gloria Gaynor) and choose to hang with the people who help to add warm blanket comfort. We champion looking
the other way “mamala” when our friends repeat stories, and we wait an extra minute when strolling over to Lexington Ave with a slower walker. Blessings duly noted- as at least we aren’t on hold for 45 minutes listening to Creedence Clear Water on instant repeat or perseverating over unanswered texts. So just for today wear a new shirt, use up your favorite lipstick and add an extra topping on your tasti-delite. Make it a Great Thursday!

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