Chag Purim

Hamantaschen, Hamantaschen,
Where art the best?
We are on an adventure,
Through a taste test.
The flavors and textures,
In one bite or two.
The crust and the filling baked like our Bubby would do.
Seeking the memories, we are hitting the ground.
We’ll go store to store,
The streets we will pound.
Add the sugar, the butter, the vanilla extract?
Measure the amounts don’t mix them in blind.
The hammantaschen we knew,
Was one of a kind.
We’ll tap into Amy Rosen,
We are thinking she’ll know.
Her cooking and baking- a win, place and show.
We favor the prune, but appreciate the rest.
Hey, we will taste it all,
In our search for the best.

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