The Last Frontier

Sarah Palin go back to Alaska.
Play by the rules and put on your mask-a.
If you can see Russia-when you look out your door,
Be on your way sista, on this we implore.
While dining at Elio’s,
The virus in your nose.
While on your way out, the door you can close.
In 2008 you joined onto the ticket.
Really John McCain, a better choice
You couldn’t pick-it.
The “Times” in a lawsuit,
Seeking truth in the media,
Go re-check the facts.
Google wikipedia.
As an anti-vaxxer you begin,

Against the “herd.”
Take your twangy ole’ beliefs,
Antiquated and absurd.
With no malice, nor forethought,
Just plain ignorance.
Sorry, not sorry-
We’re over your dissonance.

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