We’ll Take Amy Schneider for $1,000 Please.

Amy Schneider you got the swag,
We are riveted by the competition,
Not one day’s there a lag.
We find you so endearing,
You smile from deep inside,
Your endless breadthe of knowledge,
Has us guffawing far and wide.
We cant wait to hear your answers,
You assuredly tilt your head,
Better safe than sorry,
With few answers left unsaid.
The show has such grand ratings,
Your devotees are standing by.
So listen up Matt Ammodio,
Yes, dude hold on tight.
A match like Amy Schneider,
Is simply out of sight.
With 38 days of winning,
The match is neck and neck.
Monday’s show will be telling
It’s down to the bottom line.
With one more win for Amy,
A new champion so divine.

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