2022 we’re coming for you.
Left our sandals on the beach,
And going for a swim.
One foot in front of the other.
This time A win.
Carvel, chocolate covered marshmallows and a bon bon or two.
We’re usurping the gloom, move over, make room.
We hung a new calendar, on the refrigerator door,
Skipping to the good part
Adding fun, raise the score.
Tapping into wishful thinking, pulling out the stoppers.
Eye on the prize, done getting clobbered.
Left the door opened, Elijah’s cup is half full.
As a guest at the table, he’ll herald in the messiah, poo poo.
We are flipping the energy and our get up and go.
A rabbits foot, a four leaf clover, an evil eye
And more.
Leaving nothing to chance,
Let’s get up from the floor.
2022 means “Hope is Ahead.”
With hope, prayers and promises.
Putting the past years to bed.

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