2020- 20 too?

Dear Kindly Dr. Fauci
Friday is your Big Day.
With respect and adoration we’re all here just to say.
You’re celebrating “81”
Adding blessings and much Fun.
When we follow your scientific knowledge,
We trust our journey has begun.
Take a bow, then take another
Your focus won’t distract
You’ve imparted so much wisdom,
Through research proven fact.
We are positioned and we’re ready,
To get a piece of our world back.
We’ll raise a glass to honor, your grace and gravitas
You never once did wander, your path is well defined.
So Kindly Dr. Fauci, Our treasure and Our “Find.”
We’ll toast another go round, the planet needs you here.
Mutations are ticking numbers
No fingers left to count.
You devotion hasn’t waivered,
On your steadfast we can count.
You work toward a solution,
As you usher in the year.
We will raise a glass and honor,
You are Precious and so Dear!

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