On Life’s Terms

Our Sophie Sunshine taught us that “G-d works in mysterious ways.” Once again Soph your words sprinted to the forefront of my mind. I have been struggling with turning 70 this week-end. I have been fussing over what feels like a daunting round number b-day. I will surround myself with family and friends and have things planned that portend to feel good moments and guilty pleasures. Control, Alt, Delete. In a 180 degree, Vicki Sue Robinson, Turn the Beat Around Moment “G-d worked in mysterious ways”- mama.-
Baruch Dayan Emmet to a friend and colleague of my husbands wife.
We got a call that a woman we know who has been battling cancer and kicking it suddenly passed away right after Thanksgiving. She was 70 years old. R.I.P. – G.I. When I blow out a candle to now “welcome” in this number I will include you in my prayers. There are no more afterthoughts only promises.

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