The Answer is Yes!

The Answer is Yes!

Can we have a play date?
Can you tie my sneakers?
I love cornichons- please just two more.
Can we do an art project while we watch Sponge Bob?
Can we put on make-up and wear your high heels?
I think I will have pizza the kind that is square.
Can we go to the craft store and get chocolate croissants next door?
May I have some pretzels, the kind that is dark?
How much more time can I stay?
Please call mom and ask if for more time here-can I stay longer.
Please some more hummus to dip my carrots in.
It’s my sisters B-day, can We make her a card?
When we plant the terrace, can I plant watermelon seeds?😎
Next time get the yogurt with cookie crumbs on top.
I think I will have french toast for dinner, I love it so much.
Can you make the water in the shower warmer? Please.
Ok, guys get ready it’s time to go home.
Just five more minutes, it feels like we
just got here.
I made this in school for Grandpa and you.
Look I got braces, they are purple and red.
Can you come to hockey and watch me play?
I have ballet on Wednesday will you come to watch?
Can we build a lego, and we’ll leave it by you?—-
16 years and counting with 8 kids so close-to heart-Let’s do it “70”- I have a head start. We wish this on everyone. Bh

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