Dear Mandy Patinkin

Bluebirds Fly!

Mandy Patinkin admired from afar

As Che in Evita the consummate star

With your “Criminal Mind” you gave Chicago such Hope

As Carrie’s Saul Berenson you widened her scope

The Homeland would be safer as you exposed the truth

With your focus on song, your loyalty strong

You could sing from any page from The Book of Ruth.
No walk in The Park on a “Sunday Afternoon”

You broadened our view as Seraut with his brush

The regulars gathered round in silence and hush

In awe as Che sang to Eva Perron

Ah! But our breath was taken,

As Avigdor to Anshel you starred

Never disputed you had us at Talmudic

Yes all of us from wide and from far

Inigo Montoya you blew us away

Show us your hand with six fingers, please do
Took us Over the Rainbow left a song in our heart

From there we won’t sway

We have our head start!

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