Counting 1…

Ringo meditated his way to “80”
A relic, in the pantheon of Rock is how he Rolled.
The ever present thought of aging, rapidly taking its toll.
Rounding out numbers a blessing, yes privileged.
The progression our story at hand.
Amanda Gorman, The Queen’s Gambit, And Fauda
We marvel at the talent, the brand.
Moving slower as time moves more quickly,
Love watching the shows on Demand.
Our mistakes, our misfortunes our loses
All mixed right into to the fold.
A lifetime of lessons and falling
Getting up, while we brush off the mold.
Reevaluation a constant envoy
Of the people who get in our way.
Our inventory of “friends” going forward
Positioned center stage on display.
Primordial lessons of kindness
Comes first, second and third
And so who will make you do push-ups?
In lieu of cheering you along
Get rid of the the flies in your picnic
Hold tight to the words in your song. Amen!

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