A Tisket A Mask-it!

Put on your mask

Not a big task

Variants are raging

Out of their caging

With tears in our eyes

Our Hearts touching hearts

Kicking up the gear on precautions

This round a head start.

Hold tight to the plan

Keep crossing your fingers

And washing both hands.

A booster for certain

8 months we will wait

Never a moment to call it too late.

Dr. Fauci our Shepherd

Baruch to Hashem

Don’t want to go back to zero

And start over again.

Keep calling on science

To guide us along

A wing, prayer and shout out

Is where it belongs.

Hoping when school starts, a plan will be in place

For hugging our loved ones

As we stand face to face.

There isn’t a moment without safety hovering

Our mask on our faces, our protection our covering.

One thought on “A Tisket A Mask-it!

  1. My take:This thing is NOT going away.Just like the flu { which btw didnt even exist until it did in 1918, via Spanish flu}.We get a flu shot yearly, and those lucid enough to think straight will get a covid booster yearly, if not sooner] Small price to pay to have a life. M ________________________________


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