All The News That’s Fit to Print

Booster shots, children hanging from planes as their fate to evacuate Afghanistan, hospital beds being scarce for variant filled patients, explosive numbers of innocent people taking bullets rickshawed into their bedroom windows, all share the same headlines with, you are kidding me, Brittany Spears conservatorship dilemma. As we forego “guilty pleasures,” frills and over the top celebrations we pray for a return to our yesterday’s.
Dear G-d, this year as we zoom services while searching for our words, we will be praying on our knees. Our world is so far from a semblance of order we held on to. We have stored fears and doubled up anxiety levels. Just when we stopped cleaning the outside of our avocados and didn’t buy toilet paper every time we went in for a container of milk we found ourselves standing in a puddle with our new sneakers on. Doom and gloom, naysaying and negativity seeped into our most evolved and positive attitudes. So just for today Hashem, we will Evan Hansen it and “Step out, Step outta the sun
If you keep gettin burned
Step out, Step outta the sun
Because you’ve learned, because you’ve learned.” Let’s do it Saturday, buy the ticket, take the ride!

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