School Days, School Days Good old Golden Rule Days!

We are Wonder Women. We wonder how time flies so much more quickly nowadays. It seems as if watermelon, cantaloup filled with cottage cheese (shout out to Linda Dietz) iced coffee and new white Keds sneaker season lasted ad infinitum. Buying Brand new blue loose leaf folders, colored tabs to divide social studies from algebra and colorful pencil holders came less quickly. We looked forward to wearing our new first day Villager outfit that sported our circle pins. Did Ginsburgs and Wechslers sport alpacas and madras blouses second week in July? Who remembers new T.V. Shows being advertised in July? This summer June and July lasted 10 minutes. We sprinted activities we missed out on last year. Our dance cards were jam packed with make up dates. Come on over and we will order in offered a new excitement. Did the street lights go on so much later in the summer than they do now? Father Time slow down Dude we need to take a breath. With self help books adding chapters on “recalibrating the soul” after being indoors for a year plus we anxiously pulled out plugs and hit the ground running. Temple is on Labor Day this year. This abbreviated summer we took long walks, did yoga on the beach and our games of play led the way to let’s have a cocktail before 5:00, add a little Guacamole toast and sum it up with red velvet cupcakes. Got shisito peppers anyone?

As long term memory takes center stage we fondly recall the days of climbing monkey bars, wearing very tight white rubber bathing caps to ward off the chlorine effects when we swam and how they added peanut butter to the ring ding formula and called them funny bones. So as we find ourselves in the first week of August with air pods in place (finally) I quote- Calling out around the world are you ready for a brand new beat.? Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the street. So just for today as we eat half of a well toasted raisin bagel with cream cheese we’ll sing along as Frankie Valli croons late December back in “63” and Betty Buckley reminds us to “let the memories live again.”

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