Whatever We Got Going!

“Whatever We Got Going”
Turning 70 this year after one that was recently stolen from us feels lopsided. Are we less developed by one year? Can we recover experiences and deepen relationships now that we can be tactile again? We are racing against time lost. Only this time, out of commission rings oh so true. At every point in our precious lives loosing any time to live our lives as we know them is a huge loss. This round number in particular feels frayed at the edges. In a “where did the time go way,” we plunge ahead and bring back our activities in “every day ways.” Cut to yesteryear. We find ourselves day dreaming, the year is 1963. We are starting camp the next day. We lay out our new sneakers, chose a pair of pedal pushers and a sweat shirt
we got at Ginsburgs and one of the many tee shirts we got at Alexanders in Paramus. Ah, we remember it well. Not unlike the first day of school camp offered unparalleled excitement coupled with a grouping of will I meet new friends feelings. With our camp bag complete we get ready for bed. We finish reading one of our favorite Nancy Drew books , The Secret of the Old Clock, turn off our record player that was spinning a 78 Johnny Mathis album and ”Get Misty” as we shut the lights. Euphoric recall is medicinal and certainly helps minimize the startling tone of we are turning 70 years old. This is a defining moment for cleaning out your figurative closet. What shall stay and what shall go? My take away is that there is a religious and spiritual component where forgiveness and celebration hold court. The central theme of Yom Kippur is distinguished by atonement, renewal and amends. On New Year’s Eve we make resolutions to change our ways, add promises to do more. On the precipice of this 70th b-day as we enter our 71st year let’s use the empty space
that we made room for in our closets. Celebrate more and count Blessings more frequently – a great start. Oh, hey Lionel Ritchie this time we are going to “Make the Magic last for more than just night.” BH

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