Appreciation Strong

With the world of children, games and dining al fresco opening with caution 

We will take a bite and accept just a small portion 

The hiding indoors away from scores is coming to a close

The challenge we face ahead is fitting into our clothes.

A casual walk home after a meal

Was no where in site

We went from the table to the couch as we finished our last bite

Spring has sprung and we are pulling out all the stoppers

We are counting each blessing calling each one the topper

As we Chag Sameach our way, to prayer and a song

Come one, come all and join right along

Hide the matzoh for the kinda

A pleasure it will be

Counting the minutes till we see the look on their faces laced with glee

With each moment that we share

With our nearest oh so dear

Let the blessings follow thru

Counting days no longer blue

A new beginning in a way we have never known before
Let’s make our tomorrow’s our today’s
And live in the moment hashtag strong

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