New Dawn

When the object of desire

Is a shot into the arm

Held our breath as science led us

To the temple safe from harm

We crawled underneath the covers with protection on our side

We knew where to go and we learned just how to hide

With belly laughter moments

Put aside for a year or more

We battled with the metrics

Just which side should we implore

A light of hope and promise

Outside- not out of reach

As buds follow birds chirping

Our sites upon the beach

With the object of desire

Recognized at our front door

We won’t need to run for safety

We prepared for just this day

As they open up the floodgates

Move quickly out of the way

We’ll pack devil dogs and ring dings

No more saving our best fare

Watched as mountains became molehills

Helped alleviate our fear

As we stroll through the market, buy a flower maybe two

As life unfolds the certainty of which we always knew.

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