Ta Da

Tired of talking about the “former guy”
Will never be followed by “I cant imagine why
Lettia James and Cyrus Vance
Step up to the floor
It’s your chance to dance
What ya got lurking behind the door?
Our breath it is bated
Just play out the scenes
Give him the cell held by the “Queen of Mean”
Let liberty follow justice, for one for all
Can’t wait to watch the “former guy” fall
Not Studio 54, Maxwells Plum or the like
Justice will be served, give it all of your might
He’d prance around town in cashmere and lace
Moved down south
Can’t show his face
We will sit by the screen
As you unravel the facts
Stop this “former guy”
Head on in his tracks
Mary Trump has said “uncle”
We are waiting for you
With the law and your order
Tell us all what you knew
No Dancer or Prancer can save this dude Trump
We will scream with delight
Bring him down with a Thump.

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