Sociopath and Sycophant

The sociopath and the sycophant

Went up the hill

The loud cries fast and furious 

Audible ”find him and kill”

With loyalty and disgrace

Through thick and through thin

Counting on four more years, stuck by for the Win

With family in tow and clinging to dear 


Nothing could prepare for the horror, the strife

Through a treacherous slope riddled with danger and fear

A sight to behold

With nothing to compare

A lifetime of duty

Serving his country with length

The sociopath gave orders to rip out his strength

The world watched by, as the House

Team excelled

With facts on their side

And so much to tell

Letter perfect they shared

Justice the Plea

Matters of fact for all just to see

Our States so divided

With shivers of disbelief 

The trials, the travesty without the relief

With hopes of delivering the sociopath 

His due

Never going forward with so much undue. 

The sociopath and the sycophant

Will just change the names

Our beloved America we are crying in shame.

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