Ah! We Remember Them Well.

2022 we are coming for you
Just as we figured it out
Our favorite seats laying down
At Cinema 123 or the Royal Crown
Row F or Row G
Seats 3- 5
Row J -7, 8, 9
Waiting for the world to be back to fine
An aisle seat we’ll grab

And here’s where we’ll meet
On the corner of 3rd and 59th Street
Have a bite before
Or popcorn in our seats?
We have tickets for Town Hall
A reservation for dinner has been made
It was between Italian or Chinese
5:45 or a tight squeeze
We want to be on time
As the show we hear is great

Got the tickets last July, it was quite a long wait
How bout a drink and dessert, after the show?
The theater is on a block with lots of places to go

We’ll meet again next week
We got tickets in advance
This time we are going downtown to watch “dance.”
This lingo on our tongues

So ready to say once more

We really miss the option of just walking out the door

With so many things to do

In places we adore

In harbinger like fashion

The day of reckoning is coming near

Our freedom we’ll get back

And hold so tender and more dear.

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