And in the end- All I learned was how to be strong alone!

Swipe your nose, put on a new

sweater and shuffle the cards. Short term goal, in house Virus Clearance. Let’s go over to a friend’s home, grab a seat and start all over again. Our dreams realized (soon enough) when we will have an increment of control over our short term destiny. With the scientists at the helm as our Generals and precautionary actions strongly positioned, perhaps we can reboot close to where we left off 10 months ago. The days when some of our challenges were remembering to take our talon, or not overlooking an available tile to replace with a Joker on the rack across the table. Our days of glory during The Golden years when deciding between tuna or chicken for lunch was knee jerk familiar, as our knees jerked. Yes, we remember them well. Let’s spin it forward and look toward exhuming our “prior normal,” when we didn’t mind all that much whether we left the day with our “change purses” filled with quarters. Our sleeves are rolled up, we are ready to be vaccinated, when called. Come one, call all- as we know now more than ever there is always room for one more.

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