Shemoneh Esreh

We are living through a chapter in time where some days bare minimums fall short of being met. Where judgments are hopefully leveled and helping hands and legs up are the norm. 

If our heart displays it is always in the right place, then we can only hope cutting each other slack is practiced. We are made up of qualities of good and foibles that deem us human. Making it easier for one another when we can is optimum and listed high on our list of priorities. This is no time to bemoan our fate, but Avinu Malkenu, please give us a sign that one foot in front of the other, well intended, will soon deliver us to safety. On September 18, 2008 we said good-bye to our Sophie-our Mother with Grace. On September 18, 2020 we said good-bye to the Mother of Country RBG. Sophie took our Sunshine away. Justice Ginsburg’s passing takes our breath away. Avinu Malkenu is the divine number “18”- chai designated to women of valor? Chet and Yud adding up to 18 in the Hebrew alphabet. An eternal plan-no coincidence.

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