Reboot – much needed 🙏

5781 you can’t come soon enough. We will usher you down the aisle to a picture show smacking of our days before using lysol or drinking it was a choice. We are done dreaming in turkish about episode 1,025 and impatiently waiting till we can take toothpicks on the way out from a restaurant. We will pray to Hashem on zoom and make certain he knows now more than ever how serious we are about Sacrificial and Tashlich. So it feels like fall as we move our white jeans and tee shirts to the back of our closet and make room for sweaters, flannel slacks and blazers. As we have done for umpteen years we will figure out our temple outfits. Our ritual for holiday mode frames our picture of leaves falling and noodle pudding scents wafting through our homes. This year we ask 92 Street “why not.” In addition to our lectures, lyric and lyricists series and grandchildren’s nursery school the “Y” serves as our house of worship. This year we will add extra usage on our “ memory battery.” We will recreate a picture in our mind’s eye as we sit in our apartment, put on a holiday blouse and get ready to zoom the service from the waist up. In an article in the Times this week they interviewed young children and asked them to express a thought on what “love” means to them. 4 year old Billy said and I quote, when someone loves you the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth. From his mouth to Hashem’s ears.

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