Baby Steps to Victory!

Relief in a “don’t let the door hit you in the butt way,” was our reaction to Kamala Harris becoming Joe Biden’s running mate. In a minute and for the first time since Jan 20, 2017- (yes Donald, you schmuck,) the year was 2017 not 2018- we sighed, cried and felt possibility. There is no magic fix for the tragic mistakes in judgement by our misanthropic despot, however “Hope” is the elixir we prayed for and it feels magical. Just for today, let’s embrace possiblity with the huge hugs we have missed for 6 months. Take your baton out of storage, shine your penny loafers and gear up to walk over to the post office for your mail in vote for Biden/ Harris 2020.

One thought on “Baby Steps to Victory!

  1. Hey Ms. J, I hope there was victory.. but wish I was sure. When we lived in the apple most people were like us…But once you leave the city, you meet and befriend people different from yourself. Its a big big country, and I have learned that even people I like can be VERY different from me. I will get to the point: THERE ARE A HECK OF A LOT MORE TRUMP LOVING REPUBLICANS THAN WE WOULD THINK. A LOT MORE. Like you, I pray for a Biden victory… Fact is I would vote for ANYONE over that narcissist. Fact is I dislike him so much that Bob and I are considering living abroad for 4 years if he wins.

    Aside from that making lemonade from the covid lemons. I read in the nY Times and heard on NPR the virus may well be here to stay. The virus has many aspects similar to the common cold. { except it can kill you}.That means each of us must find our own way to live with it. I can no longer travel, throw large dinner parties, do volunteer work, go to zumba… blah blah blah. My life as I knew it has stopped short. Now for some lemonade: cocktails for 6 tomorrow night social distancing in place. A barbecue for 5 Saturday… We have seen most of our friends, all of a certain age with co – morbidities. None have gotten sick. I dont like the new normal, but I can live with it. M ________________________________


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