One under par – birdie bye bye

Bye, Bye Mask hole

Can’t wait to see you go

Bye, Bye Mask hole

You really need to go-oo

Really need to go!
We’ll have Sunshine

You took it all away

Riker’s Island awaits you

You’ll be there to stay-aa

You’ll be there to stay

Won’t miss the way you Lie

Deception led the way

We’re counting with both hands

Just 95 days away- aa

95 days away
Bye, Bye Mask hole
It’s awfully hard to bear

One more inning

Please just “disappear” Please just “disappear”
We Hate you Mask hole-

Oh Yes we really do

Hate you Mask-hole

We’re Blue Through and Through

We’re Blue Through and Through

We pray for your demise

Our patience at its peak

You open up your mouth

And bark Your mask-hole streak

We’re begging from our knees

Rid us of your disease
Time to close the show-Time to close the Show!

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