Go Ahead Say Uncle

Dear Humpty Trumpty
Show us the money
4 years of antics
None of them funny
People have died, with blood on your hands
The country ignored with reasonable demands
Your grimacing and bs-ing is coming to a halt
All of our tragedies, were no doubt your fault
You have punished our country
Secreting knowledge you had
You deserve everything you get, as long as it’s bad
Once upon a time, with an enormous amount of luck
Our fate in your hands
You disgusting F-ck
Your karma has switched and you‘re loosing at your game
Like soldiers at war our country de-famed
The health card you played as if it were a game
A legacy you will leave riddled with shame
On November the 3rd you will no longer choose, the number of lives Our country will loose, The Supreme Court has taken a stand against the tide
The cheers and the glory can be heard worldwide.

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