One Day Later…

We wipe off the counter, we swifter the floor
Everyday feels like the one before
We are doing our best to stay safe inside, is there something to share when we won’t have to hide?
Cooking the dinner and setting the table
A walk on a sidewalk, when will we be able?
The yogurt at Bloomy’s one place we will run
When we can get out and reclaim some fun!
A car ride to no where would be such a pleasure
Next Thursday a lunch outside a great treasure
Show us in some way you really are keen
Give us a swab, a test, a vaccine
Our journey’s not over all though it’s been halted
We long for a coffee shop, a burger a malted. At 7 o’clock we yell out with pride, for our health care community who have been by our side And when the day comes for us to bolt out the door, we will hit the ground running, like never before. Let’s all pray to G-d that the world as we know it, will grow kinder and warmer and we will be able to show it. A disaster of immense proportion we are sharing, with promise and strength let’s re- define caring.

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