It’s a Wrap! Rap lin manuel in the house

And so the crowd consisted of you with me along

It could have been the three of us as he fine tuned our song
The stage was set, we sat back in our seat
We could have been sitting in a meet and greet.
As the evening unfolded with an Amy and Donna shout out
We got a real good taste of what we are all about
Friends from days of school and sitting side by side
Our story they were telling with a “who knew” from far and wide
As the sister theme popped-up from a woman  to our left
 Our theme continued, we’re amongst the best!
Schoolmates and sisters with 72nd street we share
As long as we walk together, we’ll have no fear
Pooling history and devotion, strolled down too many aisles to count
Adding layers upon layers as our story it does mount
Chalked up our differences and taken them in stride
As we’re rounding 56 we got forever on our side. 

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