Daren Scott- Hey Girl

I always dreamed the boy I loved would come along

And he’d be tall and handsome rich and strong

But now that boy I love has come to me

But he sure ain’t the way I thought he’d be

(He’s sure the boy I love)

He doesn’t look like a movie star

He doesn’t drive a Cadillac car

He sure ain’t the boy I’ve been dreamin’ of

But he’s sure the boy I love “-excerpt from the song by The Crystals “He’s sure the boy I love.” One of our favorite songs to croon to as teenage girls dreaming of our future. 

In the 60’s the term “play date” was called “hanging out”- time at a friend’s house after school. I always had favorite friends to spend time with until right before dusk set in and I had to go home to start my homework and have dinner. Our after school times never seemed long enough as that’s when some of our best learning occurred. 

Daren Scott was one of my first and as long as our time together lasted closest friends. We walked to and from school together, hung out after school, started college together and sat at our Senior Prom table together the year she was voted Best Looking in our 1969 graduating  class. Daren and I lost touch when we both married and went our separate ways. I knew Daren had a son and a daughter and was an amazing and proud mom. As we sit on the precipice of our 50th high

school class reunion coming up this October, Daren won’t be at my table, by my side. No,not this time.

A decade ago I got a call from another close and life long friend, Shoshanna Smith( a.k.a. Susan Kalb.) I think I heard her say Daren Scott died. I gasped and shockingly asked if I heard her correctly. Life on life’s terms, destiny? I asked so many questions and they stopped when I asked Shoshanna if, when we were walking to school, hanging out after school, eating Blanche’s chocolate cake, listening to our favorite songs,  was it preordained that Daren would not  live her life out. Shoshanna, in her sage like, wisdom way said. “Judy, she lived her life out.” So the story goes. Daren had a certain panache, a quiet flair. There was a strong side to her and being on that side was an easier way for our friendship to flourish. I learned so much about fashion during our after school “play dates.” Daren had an Aunt Alma who was a clothing buyer and Daren and her sisters would get Amazon like delivery’s of the most extraordinary clothing. I learned about mini – skirts designed by Mary Quant, ensemble dress and skirt suits by Charles Evans (Evan Picone) and capes by Bill Blass. I knew early on that Balmain shoes would live forever. I never dreamed Daren wouldn’t.

I heard some great news  yesterday from Barbara Scott, she married Daren’s cousin Kevin) that Daren’s daughter Jen got engaged. When 

my goosebumps subsided, a potpourri of emotions set in and I wept.

Undoubtedly, I was thrilled to hear the news and see glorious pics of the proposal. Then in an airy way I exhumed the look on Daren’s face, as if it were yesterday, when we were young girls sharing first time moments of sheer bliss. This time my dear, old friend I’ll imagine that look, honor your children for you with extreme joy and pride. I pray you know that while you’ve been long time out of sight, you’re always in my heart. Yitgadal v’ yitkadash.

8 thoughts on “Daren Scott- Hey Girl

  1. Hi Judy, You sure have a skill in opening my tear ducts after reading your special letter about Daren. I was always in love with Daren and thought that she was so much cooler than me that she would not be interested. I was her date at the prom so we probably sat at the same table. When i was in college Daren visited me for a weekend in Boston.After a fun filled day and evening we finally went to bed.Up until that moment my relationship with Daren was a very intense platonic relationship and after that night it remained the same.I was so afraid that she would end our friendship if it was not right that we hugged and i said good nite.Years later she laughed with that special laugh and told me that she came to visit to end the platonic part of the relationship but my strong desire not to do anything wrong kept me from it.I do remember the hug and intimacy i felt with her so close.we had a good laugh.i guess it was not in the plan. A few days after Daren’s funeral i met for the first time Jennifer and shared some fun stories of her mom,Blanche and Bennett. Blanche was very kind to me after my mom became ill . Please say hello to Jenn.for me and wish her mazal tov on her engagement. I vey nuch enjoyed your writng from the heart. With love,jonny


  2. Dear Judy –
    I am writing this reply with tears in my eyes and a soft smile on my face. It is wonderful to feel Daren’s presence and to be brought back to her youth and to her vitality, and, yet, the loss is always there. Conjuring up you and the rest of Daren’s friends – ever young, innocent and so much fun to be around is such a happy image (and reading Jonny’s reply, made me see their prom picture immediately!)

    Jennifer’s engagement is a special time. Of course, it’s one for celebration and recognizing the passing of tradition from one generation to the next. It’s bittersweet for us all – we have to let Daren go all over again, but she’ll be a presence for Jenn and for all of us every step of the engagement and wedding. Thanks for sharing your lovely memories.



    1. Oh, Amy – so bittersweet for sure. I’m so glad to share this moment in time with you. When I heard about Jenn’s engagement it set my mind going back to the days and years Daren and I shared so well together. We certainly played well. I remember a particular day when I was with Daren after school and you were in the next room doing your homework. My memories run deep and strong that as such young kids we understood the value of friendship and held on tight. I expressed in my writing about her how thrilled I am that her daughter will have such a beautiful rite of passage not assigned to everyone. It also brought back Daren’s animated expressions of enjoyment when something got her going. She would snap her fingers and bop her head. I can only imagine how very full of expression she would be now and how her snapping and bopping would be a full jump for joy. I miss the what could have Been’s for her. Mazel Tov to you and your family. Love, Judy Gottlieb


  3. Dear Judy,

    Thank you so much for writing this beautiful piece about my mom. It means so much to me to hear other people remembering her and talking about her. My mom was so special and I love to hear I am not the only one who thinks so! I am really looking forward to getting together so that you can tell me all about your memories together. And of course thank you for the well wishes on my engagement. I do wish my mom was here to experience this all with me.



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