Send yourself a Valentine’s Day Card

When it boils down to niceties make mashed potatoes out of cauliflower.
Some of the people… not everyone is meant to break bread, raise a glass and smoke the colloquial cigar together. When your personal book report is due after you read the whole book, no cliff notes, you italicize the memorable parts. While your now the only person grading your critique your goal is pleasing you. Write yourself a thank you note. Take care of you and have your own back. One day if you are lucky enough to count decades, what other people think matters less and less. Carry your own concept of yourself and play your own game all the while keeping your eye on the prize. The Cracker Jack box hid the prize somewhere toward the bottom. So for today, open the bottom of the box, rip open the prize and make the rest of your day valentine sweet. 

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