One Season Following Another…

What were your very good times In Life like? Did loving your babies so much counteract anything bad that came your way? Did graduating with your dream degree take you to the moon and back? CEO, CFO, make your own hours? Meeting your soul mate and hanging together for what always feels like a very long time? Realizing through lots of hard work a Great job that gave you lots of satisfaction. Sometimes your pleasure to achieve, sometimes tiring. 
How bout having grandchildren if you never had your own kids and having fun? This President, lot’s of holidays and all the emotions that come with them; even re-reading  The Little Prince again doesn’t help.  Ok then! You can drink Vodka and say screw it somehow things always work out. And then there’s creating new routines, shake things up by traveling, and always appreciating what you have.  And so I ask the question so what were your very good times in Life like? Happy Holidays! 

3 thoughts on “One Season Following Another…

  1. I love your thoughtfulness .This great mendela of life just keeps on turning. It twists, it turns… right side up/ upside down. One thing for sure is change… good and bad. So what do we do? We latch on for ” dear life” to every ounce of joy.. and we know that even in the darkest of moments , it will change.

    A happy holiday to you Judy… we are off to Costa Rica to mingle with some sloths… { 2 and 3 toed}..Hope the coming year is all you dream of, Mindy. ________________________________


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