13 going on Forever

From bris to bar mitzvah in the blink of 13 years. If I had to choose an activity from the age of 53-66  I would choose the one that showed up on my doorstep and rang my bell. Ready, set go. As a dear, wise, forever friend said to me “you can make this anything you want.” Well, with no rule book in hand, I unzipped my heart, opened my arms, turned up the emotional settings and hit the ground running. I was often presented with a slippery slope as is the case when  player cooperation determines the means to a successful end. The emphasis was set to fun. I threw in a heaping spoonful of sugar in Mary Poppins fashion to help the medicine go down. I was the playful, protective, snack enabler, all the while overseeing the art project brigade. We diapered, pampered and cherished as we clamored memories into the overstuffed portions of our hearts. I greeted Club Gomberg  with the same line each time, shouted from the kitchen – “who’s here?” I couldn’t wait for them to come and was never happy to see them go. I let them know all were welcomed and the more the merrier. I mean 8 is not enough, with all due respect to Dick Van Patten and Betty Buckley. I spun it differently. Our cabinets held the “regulars,” as they were called. I got called to task if I mixed the sauce on the pasta not remembering for a split second just which kid liked it on the side. This should  be my biggest mea culpa. On the nights of sleepovers, we would close the blinds, and it would be the stars, the moon and us. These years added years to my life as I was adding a slice of life to theirs. Even during times when not exactly everything played out to being able to name that tune, we put the mishap aside as we know “good prevails.” In the game of bridge finding the right 8 card fit depends greatly on how your partner plays his cards. In this case the  deck was stacked in our favor. Our good- byes for now were always with the look of when will we do it again. I’ll take how would you like to see the next thirteen years of your life play out- by hitting the replay button and dance like everyone is watching.

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