Sealed with a Kiss

Dear G-d

On this day we get it. You do your share and you move on to the next person who needs your advice. You are the karma, the beshart and the wind beneath our wings. Not so corny. You help to point us in the direction of our next classroom.

We hold on to the lessons and hope they stick. The people in our path who cheat, lie and are deceptive are there for us to help understand wrong from right. The benevolent, kind and selfless are the lessons for good values. One of your long term themes. You give us cause to develop tolerance levels. Our gut is really our mind speaking through our heart. When we are pushed to the limit in our values you leave us with the decision to hold tight or compromise and restructure. When we slip up and waiver you are looking over your shoulder sometimes dropping feathers, sea shells,  pennies, dimes in our path to reel us back in.

There are days we wonder when it’s our turn again for you to come back our way. It’s then when the hard work comes in, we walk alone.

And so we wake up early, turn on the coffee and begin the week of the “Days of Judgement.”We will wait for the feathers, leave our “judgements” in the recycle bins and know, as long as we work together our backs will be covered. One life to live.  Gmar Chatima Tova.

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