Go to Grateful One Day at a Time

When you wake up on the right side of nostalgia, send pictures and exhume memories of days well spent. Love your muffin of choice and iced coffee and cherish the moment. Live in the moment.

Easy to say not often easy to do.  When you get the chance to grab the holy grail as it’s swinging by go for the ride. Who knows why the days that hit you sweetly happen. All I know when they do happen why not choose to see the windmills. Don Quixote mistook them for giants and spent his time tilting at windmills. My take away quote from Man of La Mancha is and I quote. “Fortune is guiding our affairs better than we ourselves could have wished.” Too often we catch an impregnable moment and put up our dukes when we are being offered kindness. After fortuitously hearing Bette Miller croon “As the Parade Passes By,” with Shoshanna (friend of 50 plus years) last eve, it dawned on me as my bench in life grows smaller I’m filling each seat with the deepest of players who have my back when I’m looking the other way.

So since June and July lasted 10 minutes and August is steaming our reading glasses why not get out your baton and tap shoes and join the parade. Watch reruns of My Little Margie and don’t “get up” to change the station because you don’t want to miss the episode where Peter Sands (Don Porter) asks his secretary, Susie McNamara ) to have lunch with him. Loved -The Ann Sothern Show. Netflix who?

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