You Can’t Go Back to Before

Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon. When you really 12 step it and “accept the things you can not change,” life becomes less myopic and you open up room for pure imagination.

We took our subscription seats last eve at the 92Y and were dazzled by an evening filled with splendor and joy. Lyric and Lyricists, an old friend of ours, has been a go to eve over the last 20 plus years . Lynn Ahrens, an unknown to us was the featured lyricist and host. She displayed her extreme talent and unfurled her bag of goodies song by wonderful song. Stephen Flaherty is her writing collaborator.

Their early collaborations began with award winning jingles like, “what would you do for a Klondike Bar?” They’ve put words and music to the well known 70’s Schoolhouse Rock television series, Rocky, Ragtime, Seussical the Musical, Anastasia, Once on this Island to name a few inscriptions of Tony’s on their mantle.

A favorite take away was a song “Love who you Love “from “A Man of No Importance,”

We all walk a different walk, no excuses when it comes to hoop dreams realized. We are finally living in a time where gender sensitivity,

living our truths, wearing our core outside in is no longer the exception. As we march the same march with a uniformed cadence, stake our claim for an enrichment of choice and equality what is unacceptable is skipping a beat and becoming loosely associated with our part in helping to put a means to a welcomed end. RIP Sonny the sweet boy Scott.

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