One year ago today- still there!

Looking for someone to go back in time with. The days when no one In your immediate family got Cancer. The days when “hide and go seek” meant fumbling your way onto the floor of a shoe clad closet. Remember when Hostess and Sara Lee were your go to tarte tartin? Or perhaps the simpler times where a doctors appointment consisted of merely a pricked finger and a height check. No ominous machines in site. How bout when loss applied to a Spaulding ball under a parked car? What happened to only two apps. on the cell phone, Date and Time and much longer battery life. How bout before you couldn’t get into trouble sending a text to the wrong person? Remember when call waiting was a daily rush? Actually the simple act of communicating without thumbs. So on just one of these “rainy days” let’s treadmill our way to coming out when you hear the words ” I found you,” or “tag you’re it.” We will wait to hear the real story about how United Airlines banned women from wearing leggings on flights. So for today let’s get out of our comfort zone. Mix a little nostalgia and know that somewhere mid-day the sun will come out and we won’t have to wait for a better tomorrow.

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