On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

Some days feel like the best days of your life. Yesterday felt like a rebirth. The beginning, the middle and the end all feeling like the same moment in time. We were shrouded in a veil of togetherness. Living in the present was our only concern.  United in a day of frolic, we kept our eye on the prize.  Like a flock of sheep, we followed along and went with the flow. Our hearts served as the guiding light that led from one feel good department to the next. We didn’t need the french fries, although we knew they were one request away.  No pleasure was out of reach. Want a cookie for the asking and it appeared.  Giggles, smiles, omg’s, we knew we felt the same and nothing was going to stop us. A shared day of beauty, a stolen moment to focus only on the good, the better, the best. I think we agree we would sign on the dotted line with a glitter pen to bottle the love and sprinkle it around. “Someone day we’ll find it, the rainbow connection- The lovers, the dreamers and me.

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