Win, Place, Show

As the horses lined up at the gate they offered resistance being positioned into place. They fussed and backed out several times. The signal went off and it was showtime. All with the same goal, on unfamiliar turf, their eye on gaining speed at the homestretch. The odds 3-to 1. Winner takes all.  Within the time allotted to get to the finish line they kept neck in neck throughout. They never wavered in their goal, their determination inbred. The race was tight, they plodded ahead at their own speed, never loosing sight of one another. Adages galore- like mother, like daughter, family is family, an inseparable bond taking a well needed break. A hiatus to regroup and redefine how to permanently cement the umbilical cord, the life line. The animalistic instinct kicked in through scent and sound as they picked up speed finishing the race. A trifecta was called as a win-win They collected the trophy of family and went home. This time they went to the florist for flowers.

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