Now and Then…

The remember whens, can you believes and how about that time came with rapid fire ease. We sat down, adjust our reserved seat at The Julia’s (Just Us Ladies Into Aging) table and the evening unfolded.  Last night Ricky Rosenthal joined us and he was a welcomed addition and added so much to our time. FYI- he is still very cute in an eye candy way. I have memories of the smell of his cologne. Not sure if it was Canoe, English Leather or Jade East. He was dapper then and he has preserved and enhanced the look. He stayed for a drink as we raised a glass to health and Gail added a toast to “1969.”Neil Armstrong walked on the moon that year and we graduated high school. Ok- Carol King hit it once again. “We had a moment, just one moment- That will last beyond a dream, beyond a lifetime. We are the lucky ones, some people never get to do all we got to do. Now and forever I will always think of you.” 

We took a moment to acknowledge Allen Finkelstein’s passing. We heard additional details on how Daren Scott left us too soon. R.I.P.- Oy, I’m weepy and it’s not even 7:00. We exchanged pictures of our children and grandchildren, listened with interest about upcoming weddings and expressed concern over Debbie’s impending knee procedure. In “minutes” like fashion I mentally banked the conversation about Jeff Dietz and the progress he is making. Shout out to Jeff.

Ok, then- back to the compliments on how well we all look, perhaps a little help from fillers, clairol hair color and another 10 sessions with our trainers- it matters not. The take away, as we see it, is we have traveled from school yard days into the Medicare years and we have never had to turn the beat around. Our personalities may be more pronounced, our posture slightly compromised, but our love and caring deeper and stronger through time. I’ll sign on the dotted line for more of the same. 

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