Repost- Heading South

Be careful what you wish for-Allan Sherman style JANUARY 16, 2017 ~ AROSEBYANYOTHERNAME2016

Hello Muddah,
hello Fadduh, Here I am at Camp Flor-ah-da
It’s not so entertaining
and they say I’ll have some fun if I stop complaining.
I went walking, with Jenny Eliasis
She developed a bad case of psoriasis
You remember Shirley Skinner
We are meeting for the early bird dinner.
All the sales people -over at the Walmarts – snuck in for me an extra dozen urine charts

Now I don’t want this
should scare ya
But my roommate has a bad case of diar-rhe-a
You remember Joanie Hardy
They’re about to organize a searching party.
Take me home, oh muddah , fadduh take me home, I hate Camp Flor-ah-da
Don’t leave me, at the casino -someone next to me forgot their beano
Take me home please and I promise -I will not make noise or mess the house with dappers (bingo)
oh please, don’t make me stay, I’ve been here one whole day.
Wait a minute, it stopped raining
I seem to like the music in the pool that they’re playing
Playing mah Jong and Canasta- who knows with bridge I could become a masta
So dear muddah and dear fadduh hold your horses cause I seem to like it better – I even started knitting you a navy sweater
Went to see Bye Bye Birdie and guess what I ran into Aunt Gertie
So for right now, hold it a minute -Cause I think I might get right in it.
I will write you some time later – if I don’t run into an alli-gator!

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