Can you say Dope?

Dear Harvey Weinstein,  Now you have everything wrong with you. I’ll give you that you knew talent, recognized a good story and had a great marketing team. Success soared, you made tons of money having a keen eye for who has that very special “something.” Your collaborations are what made you and what did you in. Furthermore a lot of people made a lot of money because of you and that’s the good news.

Recognizing opportunity and following through is luck In the making. Money only gets you so far and beauty is skin deep. In the eyes of the beholder you are a creep. I thought I was nauseated yesterday from acid reflux. Can you say air sick bag? You never got over being the guy in high school who wasn’t dancing at the prom with the queen. There was only one guy with her and they probably lost touch 45 years ago. So what, big deal you had other stuff that took you to the sky. There’s lots of attraction to powerful, successful men who keep it going once they found it. Charismatic for everything you had, only you got caught. You don’t 

wear egg on you face well and your nearest and dearest didn’t appreciate the look, to say the least. So as a proud woman who is 12 steps away from being swayed by you I hope for your sake your wife needs another Armani Suit and can Melania her way through this one. You are nothing more than an insulting, insecure, abusive misogynist. And by the way don’t have a good day or tomorrow either. Can you say busted? 

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