Repost- from Jan. 13, 2017 And just you listen up -NED-

Dear cancer- one day recently you stepped your way into our family. It was hard, it was strong and oh so deliberate. You flirted with us for years via one of your carriers a.k.a. BRCA 1- well now you went just too far. Re- think this deal. Take a second, third and fourth look over your shoulder and get ready for the fight of your life. Yes, we are scared, certainly we worry that your force and your power as we have heard is something to reckon with big time. You reared your disgusting head a little too close to our home. In fact you came in when we weren’t looking and you tried to steal our joy and rob us of our well being. We’ll get a grip, hold on tight because this time you reached the wrong family and by far the strongest one of all. Our force, our strength our guiding light takes no punch lightly. Get prepared to go back where you came from lesser than and shred to pieces. 
Yes, we went through angry, sad, denial and a hundred million more conflicting emotions. One thing you should know, in fact- the #strongertogether Bettie Ann spoke of when you were listening from the door you broke into means just that. The fight has begun. Our dear, wonderful Ali will stand up in front and because of your reputation as a dirty fighter take the long, hard, grueling punch, but not for long. We hear you aren’t shy. Well you haven’t seen the likes of this lady you sunk your dirty claws into. All the while we are right here collectively. We will stare you down, spit in your eye and stab you in your heart. The only propping up she will need is when you think you are winning. Wrong home, wrong person. When your punch is the hardest you can give we will get her back up and reposition her for combat. Also bitch while you do a 180 when you’ve had your way with her and turn away from our house- drop dead as you leave. Take a hike out of this universe and never pick on someone that believes in magic. You lost this time bud.

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