Note to selfie- your own backyard

After finding your grove and qualifying for the one last chance segment of life- sit back, don’t change the station and reap what you’ve sewn. Right before our very eyes and with no more courses in self actualization it’s there guys. The letter of acceptance may have gone into your junk mail as it’s sender was unknown. Accept the things you can not change 12 step fashion and you’ll recognize your name at the top of the program. Barry Manilow sang it – “This one’s for you wherever you are.” “You looking at me?” Remember tomorrow is only a day away according to Annie, but there really is no time like the present. Sign up for more Pilates classes, renew your subscription to Manhattan Theater Club- and kiss the sky because of one more pick-up, one more drop- off grandchild style. Make it a TGIF in style. 

2 thoughts on “Note to selfie- your own backyard

  1. Additions to the list: of things to do today

    1. Meet that friend for lunch at Aretheusa { right here in Litchfield owned by Mahnolo Blahnik, with products from their home grown farm} 2. Get out on the boat at sunset with a bottle of Pinot Grigio , and laugh til it hurts with your besties… 3. Meander through the garden…with its final gasp of beauty before fall… Make time for the cardinels at the feeder… 4. repeat… M



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