Every Night in Our Dreams

James lost his first tooth- he SHOWED us. Zachary’s third tooth on the bottom is wiggly. Jack is finished with his braces and Liam’s are being adjusted before school next week. An eye for an eye. The kids are loosing their teeth and growing new ones. They’re acquiring knowledge and developing their minds. We are loosing our teeth and buying new ones. Loosing our minds- no comment. 

Grandchildren are young friends who tell it like it is, (out of the mouths of babes) and call you to task. Grandpa Ira, well, just ask them, can do no wrong. He is their Batman, Spider-Man and Governor of Good Will. The kids are the common denominator that serve to stabilize our moods and help us forget about “who the hell we are” when the going gets not so great. We are safe havens, toy boxes and full out luscious,  endless love givers.

We are never too busy and always have enough energy to synergistically create one more memory worthy time of “share” joy. Our hearts have grown softer in 8, yes 8 places. With always room for one more place at the proverbial table, we change the seasons together. We put away the beach chairs and make room for coats in our closets. Their hearts smile a little bit bigger through every hug. Just for today let’s grab those precious moments. We’ll wash the paint off the back of our hands from yesterday’s art project, put away our sandals and turn the beat around in disco like fashion. 

 Hey another day to make chicken nuggets and pasta and keep the secret recipe a secret! Make it a good Tuesday. 

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