Lazy, crazy days of soda and pretzels and Whispering Angel

Have a seat in the waiting room, it’s time to wash the last of the blueberries. Not being one who takes to endings well I’m scrapping the bottom of the barrel for the last few beach passes and squeezing the last of the SPF-45 sun block tube. We ate the best of the peaches and honeydew. Had as much Carvel as our summer, svelte mindset allowed. So we browse through the sweater dept. at Bloomy’s, but put off purchasing a new fall handbag. Really now, we haven’t cleaned the sand out of the straw bag that houses our beach gear. 

The puzzle on the dining room table that sits in a prominent spot is filling in nicely. Love the laser beam focus on the boys faces while assembling the bricks and building the ultimate Batmobile lego. 

We are not yet ready to close shop on Colonel Mustard, or Mrs. Peacock in the library. At least not until the tattoo stamp on our hand wears out from our last trip to Rye Playland. 

Keep on holding on as the Zinnias are in full bloom, the Shishito Peppers are in abundance at the farmers market and we  can simultaneously get a discount on our favorite pair of thongs and replace our worn out white jeans. 

So with Iced coffee, and al fresco dinners in tact we will go into the water, indulge in a couple of extra well done hot dogs and use a second slab of butter on our piece of corn. Just for today let’s leave the new pashmina wrapped, and not open the latest Amazon Prime delivery marked “don’t open till after Labor Day.” Make it a fab Friday. 

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