Sister Golden Hair

“We’ll meet you in the middle, we’ll meet you in the air.”Vibrations count! Find your table of people – 4-5 whatever the number. We root when someone else wins- and don’t view it as our lose. We cry when one of us is challenged. Big smiles when we learn the news of success. Our homes are opened, our arms never too full. We regal in stories of children and ah! grandchildren. Our mitzvahs multiply, our sorrows divide. We often donate anonymously hoping to change our challenges into success’s along our journey. As we walk around the block and down the street together, we share knitting stores, doctor suggestions and where the best craft store is for 7-10 year olds. Happenstance turns to luck and then some. We’ll greet each other at the door, lace kindness with respect and call it a tender moment. Our admiration is not kept a secret- “I love those shoes.” Nothing is too much to ask when we are in need and boy do we love to celebrate. Pipe dreams perhaps, realized and this time not soon enough. We play the obsequious card when one of us needs a pep talk. We turn away when it’s deemed inappropriate to pry. During the holiday of Shavuot – read the book, pass it along and make someone else’s day a little less cloudy. 

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