One More Domino at my Primavera Table falls.

A dear equestrian friend who owned the stable in town died this week. We shared many a days, walking, trotting and cantering through life together. He had a sign above his desk that proclaimed in Latin, “Culpa equestribus non equis,” loosely translated as “It’s always the rider’s fault, never the horse. He was one more piece of my history taken away and lost too soon this year. In an effort to make some sense of it all- just to get through today, I am adopting a Tempus fugit (time flies) attitude. Easier said than done-perhaps. I will make the most of my bran muffin, sip the coffee as if it were going out of style and enjoy every moment of Jodi’s Gym while watching a piece of my heart bounce around the mat. Perhaps going back to the roots of Latin and being reminded to carpe diem -(seize the day)- is sicut enim medicus (just what the doctor ordered.)Make it a good one!

2 thoughts on “One More Domino at my Primavera Table falls.

  1. Sorry for your loss, Judy I’m savoring the coffee with you. Just got back last night -jet lag here I come -but I’m lucky enough to have been on a great trip soooo shouldn’t complain !!! Jenn coming in tonight

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