It Doesn’t Take a Village…

To help push over the decision that had boulders in the way. When life throws you concrete (evidence) you tap into your extreme panoply of musical lyrics, call in Cole Porter’s phrasing and hit it with, “Why the G-d’s above me who must be in the know.” Then we move over to Frankie cause “Didn’t We?- This time we almost sang a song in tune and this time we almost made it to the moon. Didn’t we almost make it this time?”We knew that “gray sky’s were gonna clear up, so we put on a happy face went to the Flea market for canasta cards and to The Boys for honeybell oranges. 

So once again as in life on life terms, we’ll brush off the clouds and cheer up, tap into Martha and the Vandellas strong- cause “All we need is music, sweet music. There’ll be music everywhere. There’ll be swinging and swaying and records playing and Dancing in the street. It might not be “On the street where you live,” – but hey with discretion and intuition we may just see our yellow brick road may be gold, may be blue. We still got game.

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